Friday, June 29, 2018

"This is all I need" Mixed Media Canvas

A Bright, Deliciously Pink Mixed Media Canvas
for Cherish the Memory 

Hello all! Welcome to my blog!

Today I will be sharing with you this mixed media canvas I have created for Cherish the Memory using Studio Light ephemera available at the shop.

I will start out by saying that out of all the hobbies I have, I love love love making canvases the most! This canvas has taught me that you don't need a lot of paper to create a work of art, just some beautiful ephemera! I will be listing below links to this gorgeous ephemera at the end of the post.

Being Resourceful

A must in my canvases is texture, the more the better! Experimenting with the combination of textures, whether it is a lot of different textures combined together, balanced, one simple texture, I believe there is no right or wrong. For example, in the background of the canvas I used two different stencils with modeling paste, in addition to art stones, and microbeads!

If you notice, the shapes of textures doesn't stop there, I bring the texture over in layers by adding a layer of mesh and twine. I think it is important to tie the elements in the different layers to each other, so that they all sort of have this relationship and they marry into one another. I like to be cohesive. Speaking being resourceful, can you guess what that mesh is? It isn't store bought, it is mesh that I have repurposed from a laundry bag that was getting tossed out cut up into pieces.

Here you can see the various layers creating dimension. The first layer is texture using stencils and modeling paste. The second layer is paper flowers with recycled mesh and twine. Third layer presents the ephemera. 

To create depth, you can see that I strategically place rhinestones in areas that need interest, like crevices, dark spots that need some light to reflect back to the viewer. I do this last!

I hope you have something to take away from my post and thank you for visiting! Here are the links to the ephemera used in my canvas.

This and more from Studio Light's Memories of Summer available at Cherish the Memory


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